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The Revels FRINGE

The Revels celebrate traditional music from all over the world, bringing it to life in an engaging way for today’s […]

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Mardi Gras at The Beehive

Mardi Gras (“Fat Tuesday”) is traditionally a day of celebrating and indulging in life’s pleasures before Lent begins. Next Tuesday, […]

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The Boxer hosts Charitable Paul Simon Tribute Night

Boston’s newest boutique hotel, The Boxer, is partnering with Paul Simon’s Children’s Health Fund, whose mission is to provide health care […]

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Favorite Winter Beauty Products

I love trying new beauty products. I approach each with a sense of curiosity – what is the story behind […]

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Emerging Art with BCA’s Brink v1

Brink v1 is the first in a series of exhibitions at the Boston Center for the Arts focused on emerging […]


A Weekend in Nevada

As much as I love winter, come January and February the whole seasons thing can start to feel a little […]

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The Weekender: January 31-February 2

As we enter another cold month, I am making sure to make plenty of time for rest and fun. The winter can […]

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Boston Loves Impressionism!

We are so lucky in Boston to have several wonderful museums. My personal favorite has to be the Museum of […]

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Vote, Take it to the Streets, and Soar to the Stars

The MFA is organizing an exhibition of their impressionist works, and they want your input to help decide which paintings […]

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Getting Creative at The Paint Bar

We love to make a mess and create something with our hands, but like most people, we often spend our […]