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Favorite Winter Beauty Products

I love trying new beauty products. I approach each with a sense of curiosity – what is the story behind […]

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Although theĀ falling snow is pretty, the below freezing temperatures are unkind to my skin. This time of year, it is […]

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Hibernation Mode

I just returned from a weekend trip to Big Sur. Not only was the weather in the high 60’s, but […]

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Cycling with Flywheel

I have been curious about indoor cycling classes for a long time, so I jumped at the chance to try […]

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From Barre to Bar: An Afternoon at Exhale Battery Wharf

We recently spent a wonderful Saturday afternoon at Exhale Battery Wharf, where we tried a Core Fusion class and then […]

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An Evening with Follain & Forty Winks

Forty Winks and Follain are two of our favorite shops, so suffice to say that we were excited when we […]

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Run, Walk, and Swap for a Cause

Several upcoming events around town make it easy to get involved in worthwhile causes! For those of you who like […]

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Salon Mario Russo Debuts a Style Bar

I don’t get my hair done very often, but when I do it’s pure indulgence. The recent influx of blow-dry […]

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Circle the City

Grab your friends and get ready to ride, walk, and dance in the streets! Circle the City, a collaborative project […]

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Sweatworking: A Fitness + Passion Project Networking Brainstorm

Sweat + networking = sweatworking. We’re busy ladies so an event that works overtime appeals to our inner multi-tasker. This […]